Seashell Walk, Explorers Heart
The most beautiful days are spent next to the sea. Walking together, hand in hand, scanning the ground collecting souvenirs of the heart. LILLEbaby COMPLETE All Seasons in Seahorses and Doll Carrier.With an explorers eye, little hands gather these perfect...
Seahorse Kisses and LILLEbaby Wishes.
To celebrate the launch of LILLEbaby Seahorses this week, we are thrilled to share a special giveaway. We will be giving away one of each style of our newest collection for a total of 4 lucky winners! To enter our giveaway...
Soak Up Summer with Seahorses!
 Washing up Wednesday, August 12 at 1pm PST. The beautiful and new Seahorse collection will be available in:COMPLETE Original, COMPLETE All Seasons, CarryOn Toddler, and doll carrier!Stay tuned for more details!