COMPLETE™ Wrap Conversion - Night Shade

COMPLETE™ Wrap Conversion - Night Shade

Indajani wraps are woven by a company of craftsmen in Oaxaca, Mexico. Their commitment to local artisans and the ecologically responsible creation of their beautiful baby wraps is a love story, and we share with them a desire to nurture the bond between parents and their children in beautiful, sustainable ways.

The limited edition Nightshade COMPLETE is crafted from Indajani’s stunning Binni Wine wrap, a soft and elegant 100% cotton diamond twill weave. These few-of-a-kind additions to our COMPLETE family are a celebration of this beautiful handwoven textile, and a truly timeless, lovely way to carry your little one.

Wrap Conversions are hand-sewn products. It is very difficult to create identical items. Each carrier will have natural variations; these are not product flaws.


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