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Lending Library

We are partnering with babywearing groups, lending libraries, and planners!

We are excited to announce LILLEbaby’s new lending library program.

Lending Libraries, Babywearing Groups and Baby Planners are great resources for trying out baby carriers, receiving education and support, and for meeting other caregivers within your community. Lillebaby values these community based babywearing resources for caregivers and we want to help your organization succeed.

Join our Program!

Do you have a local, parent-support business or organization? If you run a lending library, babywearing group, baby planner, mentor or other parent support business, we have a great program for you!

Our program includes assisting you in your work to give you first hand expertise in how to get the most of the LILLEbaby products and to make sure you have the latest model at hand to share with your members, clients and community.  We offer special deals, promotions, review opportunities and more to our lending library partners in addition to making sure your group has a LÍLLÉBABY carrier.

Babywearing Resources:

Below is a list of national community resources and groups we have partnered with:

Babywearing International Inc.

The Babywearer

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