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Our Green Commitment

Our choices, their future

Becoming a parent reminds us that we pass the world down to our children. To that end, LÍLLÉbaby is committed to minimizing our impact on the environment by bringing you environmentally responsible products and maximizing recycling in our production, packaging and day-to-day work. Though "organic" and "sustainable" have become familiar buzzwords across industries,, they are values that have been a part of our company vocabulary from the very beginning. We started almost 10 years ago with a lot of optimism, but very little money, so conservation and responsibility were critical - they became our way of life. We realize that our biggest impact is not just biking to work or reusing the printing paper, but the way we make our products. That’s why we design our carriers and accessories to be as sustainable and ethical as possible. Our packaging and ink are tested for their decomposability performance in landfills to ensure minimal environmental impact. The materials we choose, the coloring we use, the production methods we employ, and the factories we select are the foundation of our commitment to making sure our products are healthy for our little customers. After all, they’re the reason our green philosophy matters - it’s their wild and wonderful future we are aiming to protect.



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