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Stamme is Norwegian for village or community — LÍLLÉbaby has cultivated a global community of parents who stand together, stand beside, and stand behind each other. We support, serve, and care for our customers and the children in their care. We strive to provide products that enhance your parenting journey, and to support one another along the way.


From the beginning, we’ve been the industry leader in comfort and adjustability, and we continue to work toward making sure we have beautiful, ergonomic options for ALL bodies, circumstances, and growth stages. Your carrier is with you for the journey — it should make you feel AND look spectacular.


Our goal is to see parents and caretakers empowered by the confidence, freedom, convenience, and bond that safe, comfortable babywearing can provide.


For LÍLLÉbaby, innovation is always on the horizon. We won’t rest until every caretaker and parent has access to the best babywearing solutions and resources, allowing families everywhere to keep comfort, closeness, and independence in perfect balance.

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