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plus size babywearing 101

If you are a plus size person you already know how hard it can be to walk into a store and find things that fit your body. Finding something that fits AND that you love can be a serious luxury. Whether it’s clothing or baby carriers, it shouldn’t be so hard to find what we need without having to do hours of research. We also shouldn’t have to pay tons of money trying out a bunch of different carriers to end up only having one we like.  As a babywearing educator and plus size mom I’ve seen the babywearing community become more size inclusive over the last few years, but I know how daunting it still is to scroll online or walk into a store and not know what’s right for you. Baby carriers are often an investment, and all caregivers deserve easy access to choices they love without having to break the bank. I’ve learned a few tips over the years and I want to share them with you! 

Here are my top 3 tips for choosing a size friendly carrier. 

  1. Are there plus size people in their social media feeds and marketing?

This is a huge tell to how size inclusive a brand is. If you don’t see people in larger bodies representing the brand, then it’s highly likely that their carriers are not size inclusive. And let's be clear, by larger bodies I mean size 20 and up. If their social media and marketing doesn’t reflect bodies like yours, then oftentimes their inventory won’t either. 

  1. Do they offer extenders (if applicable)?

MOST, but not all, soft structured carriers will fit to about a size 20/22 (depending on the brand) without an extender. Many other types of carriers, ring slings, stretchy wraps, and woven wraps (to name a few) are often offered in various lengths. If any carrier only offers one size (or no option for an extender) then it's important to know your measurements before purchasing. It should be pretty easy to find the measurements on their website. However, I’ve often (though not always) found that if the brand doesn’t offer an extender, long length, or plus friendly option… then it’s unlikely their standard size carrier will be truly plus friendly. 

  1. Is the carrier adjustable?

This is super important for getting a comfortable and safe fit. All bodies (small and large) are different and require a different fit. The more customizable a carrier is, the happier you, and baby, are going to be. As our bodies change and our babies grow, being able to have a carrier that can meet your needs for the long haul is truly magical. As someone with curves and rolls and big boobs, getting a custom fit from my baby carrier is essential to my ability to babywear. 

Why the LÍLLÉbaby Complete Line of Carriers?

For me, the LÍLLÉbaby Complete All Seasons, Original and Airflow line checks all these boxes, which I think is why LÍLLÉbaby carriers are so often referred to plus size caregivers. As a size 22/24 I was able to get a very comfortable fit with an extender (which was simple to use). I love that the carrier can be used inward and outward facing on the front, as well as worn on the hip or back. It’s one carrier that you can get a lot of use out of for a lot of years. Also, as someone who is very hot natured and lives in The South, I love the mesh panel option on the front! Seriously a life saver. 


Babywearing is a beautiful practice that all caregivers should have access to. Not just access to even, but is something they should be able to LOVE doing in a carrier they feel good in. I hope this list helps you find a carrier that you, and your baby, love. 

Guest Blog Contributor

Carey Shofner 

Babywearing Educator & Postpartum Doula


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  • Anni B

    As a baby wearing mama, I applaud your message. As I plus size baby wearing mama, I high five your message!! Seriously, this is excellent information and so helpful to those who are new to, inexperienced, or just curious about carriers. Thank you!

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plus size babywearing 101