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Red White and Blue, a LÍLLÉ Recipe for You

Stars and Berries Tarts

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Fourth of July CC photo "Fourth of July Parade" courtesy of Jeff Kubina/Flickr

LÍLLÉbaby wants to wish you a very Happy Fourth of July!  We know you'll be enjoying some BBQ's and parties this weekend so here is our simple, 5 ingredient recipe for Stars and Berries Tarts. This 20 minute recipe features festive cherry pie filling and fresh blueberries in a mini crescent roll tart shell, to make the perfect treat for a Fourth of July celebration!

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Berries and Stars mini fruit tart ingredients. From LÍLLÉbaby blog Ingredients: 1 can of crescent roll dough, 4 oz cream cheese, 3 T powdered sugar, 1 can cherry pie filling, fresh blueberries


Cherry pie filling makes this a breeze. Organic pie filling does not have artificial colors added, so the color will be more natural.

Set your cream cheese out in advance so it softens. This will make it easier to combine with the powdered sugar.

Crescent roll dough has a high fat content so it is unnecessary to grease your muffin tin. 




Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Open the tin of crescent roll dough and lay out flat. Using your fingers, gently smooth the seams and edges to make one large piece of dough. 

tart part 1

Cut out circles using a small round cookie cutter. A small mason jar works well for this!
Place the crescent roll rounds into a mini muffin tin. You may have to correct any seams that have come apart. 

Combine the powdered sugar and cream cheese. Using a small spoon, add a small dollop into the bottom of each crescent roll round. 

Top with one or two cherries from the pie filling and add a small amount of the cherry juice.

Add a couple blueberries to the top (whatever will fit comfortably)

Bake for 13-15 minutes, or until the fruit tarts are lightly browned. Stars and Berries mini fruit tarts from LÍLLÉbaby blog

If you can get these to fridge before the kids attack them, these mini fruit tarts taste best chilled.  For an extra splash of fun, lightly dust powdered sugar over the top before serving.

We hope you have a wonder and fun-filled holiday weekend! -LÍLLÉbaby


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Red White and Blue, a LÍLLÉ Recipe for You