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1-800 LÍLLÉ: Meet The LÍLLÉBABY Customer Service Team

Meet the LÍLLÉBABY customer service team - a small but mighty team of moms who work long hours while raising children. Sharing their stories on how they learned about the brand, joined the team and most of all, how they communicate on a daily basis with our customers is what we're covering on the blog today. Read their stories and get to know, Stephanie, Madison, Jessica and Amanda. 

Hi, I'm Steph, and I've been fortunate to be part of the LÍLLÉ family for almost five years. I am mom to two grown-up kids, Fletcher and Morgan, a five year old Judah, and a one year old daughter, Tulsi. Our family lives in a Colorado mountain town. It's often easier to walk our son to the one-room schoolhouse elementary school, and our Pursuit Pro and Hygge Warming Cover have been a lifesaver this winter.

My babywearing journey started 21 years ago, with a hiking carrier that I wore everywhere. My first "modern" carrier was a LÍLLÉBABY, and I was hooked the moment the amazing lumbar support touched my lower back. Babywearing has given me the sweetest memories of my babies, allowed me to travel the world, pursue a career that I love, and grow friendships and relationships without skipping a beat.

I absolutely love chatting with our LILLEbaby customers and hearing your stories. I know how important babywearing can be for bonding, as well as helping moms feel confident and empowered with their caregiving. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being so passionate about the brand that I love. 

Hi everyone! I’m Madison! I’m a wife and a mom to a beautiful and energetic 1 year old daughter. I have been married to my husband for two short years, but we have been together since high school. I studied Psychology and Early Childhood Education at Oregon State University, and before my LÍLLÉBABY journey, I worked at a children’s mental health treatment facility. After having my daughter, I decided that being a stay at home mom would be best for our family. While I had no plans to return to work while my daughter was still young, I am so grateful to not only have a job that I love, but a job that also lets me stay home and take care of my daughter.

My LÍLLÉBABY journey began shortly after I had my daughter. I knew babywearing was something that I really wanted to do, but as a first-time mom, I wasn’t sure where to start. A mom in one of my local mom groups recommended LÍLLÉBABY to me. I took her advice and ordered my first carrier, the lavender Embossed. I was so impressed with the quality and comfort of the carrier, and my daughter who very much disliked naps, would fall asleep within minutes of being placed in the carrier. My  carrier was a life changer, and I felt like I could accomplish the world. I loved sharing my love for the brand to my friends and family, as well as on social media. In April 2018, I was asked to join the Ambassador team. After a few months of being an Ambassador, the customer service team reached out in search of a temporary position and here I was. Not too long after, an opportunity arose, and I officially joined the team.

Working for LÍLLÉBABY is a dream come true. Not only do I get to work with an amazing group of people, but I also get to share products that I truly love. LÍLLÉBABY  allowed me to do things I never thought I could do with a baby in tow. Parenting is really tough, and every day I get to promote products that will help make parenting just a little easier. My parenting journey has taught me so many things, but the two things that I always remember are:

  • Even on my worst days, I am still doing an awesome job. It is so important to remember this, even on those days where you are overwhelmed and stressed out
  •  When baby won’t sleep or wants to be held for hours, LÍLLÉBABY will be your life saver!


Hey y’all! I’m Jessica! I am a wife and mom to 3 boys and one bonus daughter. I first heard about LÍLLÉBABY before the birth of my first son. I started baby wearing with hand me down carriers since a LÍLLÉ wasn’t in my budget. I was gifted a photoshoot with the 4th Trimester Bodies Project and I was ecstatic to find a LÍLLÉBABY in the gift package. I was finally one of the “cool” kids! I loved it so much I was spreading the LILLElove all over social media. After joining the Brand Ambassador program, I quickly became known as the Mom who breastfeeds in her carrier. LILLEbaby often shared my photos and video how-to’s!  After about 3 years as an ambassador there was an opening in customer service to fill in for a team member and I was able to join the team.

The thing I love most about working in customer service is I can empower parents to do things they never though they could. Parenting is a tough job and we all need to support each other. My LÍLLÉBABY is still my most used baby/child item in my household. Often I'm wearing my youngest while working, in fact he’s falling asleep on my back in the Pursuit at this moment. I love that “ah-ha” moment when parents realize that LÍLLÉBABY isn’t just a product, it’s really a way of life. It is arguably the single greatest parenting tool used to survive those early years and the community surrounding this brand is everything! They say you need to find your tribe and I in fact have found mine! I invite you to join! 

Hi! I’m Amanda and I am a mother to an adventurous and clever one-year-old daughter and two fur-children (a mini-dachshund and a Chihuahua). I have been married to my husband, who I met in college marching band camp, since 2013. If that last sentence didn’t give you a big enough clue, I am a huge nerd. I love all things fantasy and sci-fi, from books, to TV shows & movies, to games (both video games and tabletop games). Talk with me about nerdy stuff and we’ll be instant friends (just be ready to share your Hogwarts House with me)

My journey to LÍLLÉBABY was a roundabout one! I majored in Theatre Arts at Gettysburg College with a focus on outreach theatre. In my first six years after college, I taught elementary and middle school, and while I really loved teaching, I decided I needed a change. In 2015, I started working at a local-owned baby boutique outside of Denver where we sold LÍLLÉBABY products, and I got a reputation for having a little bit of LÍLLÉ tunnel vision. I couldn’t help it  - I just truly believed they were the most comfortable carriers available. When that store closed, I begged to be a part of the LÍLLÉBABY family and was absolutely overjoyed when I was brought on as part of the customer service team in May 2017.

Meeting and talking with people at all stages of parenting has been an absolute gift. Every last one of us, whether we have one child or twenty, is doing the very best we can for ourselves and our families every day. What a privilege it is to share in your journeys and help you with your carrier, which I know is a small thing that gives you the opportunity to be the parent (and person!) that you want to be. You are doing an incredible job, even on the days when you feel exhausted and stressed out and pulled in a million directions. And if you ever forget that, just send us an email and we’ll remind you!


  • Emily Liske

    Hello! I received a Lille baby complete 6-1 carrier as a baby shower gift. I love it but am wondering if I can somehow exchange it for a different color. Mine is black and cream and I would prefer a gray one. It has not been used and has the tag attached but I don’t have a receipt. I would just like a different color. Let me know if I’m able to ship the item back and exchange.

    Thank you!

  • Stacey Lawson

    Great Stories!!!!

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1-800 LÍLLÉ: Meet The LÍLLÉBABY Customer Service Team