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10 Minute Babywearing Workouts with Fit Mama

10 Minute Babywearing Workouts - LÍLLÉbaby Blogby Natasha
Fit Mama Santa Barbara

Raising young children is a rewarding and wonderful experience, but as many parents realize pretty quickly, your lifestyle and daily routine may drastically change! With the increased responsibility, less time for self-care activities and decreased motivation due to fatigue or other factors, exercising after baby can sometimes be last on the list of things to do every day.

Instead of thinking of exercise as a chore, why not make it an enjoyable part of your weekly routine and something you and baby can do together?
With babywearing workouts, you can build strength and lose weight while having fun keeping baby happy!

Incorporating exercise into your day is beneficial on many levels. It decreases the incidence of depression, diabetes, osteoporosis, and heart disease, improves energy levels, and can contribute to a sense of accomplishment and increased self-confidence. Even 10 minutes a day can have a positive effect on body composition, fitness, and overall well-being.

You can do babywearing workouts at home with minimal equipment, and they are the perfect pastime for you and baby. These low to moderate intensity full body workouts will help build strength, endurance, and flexibility so that you can keep up with your children as they grow.

Having an ergonomic and high-quality carrier is crucial for comfort and safety during exercise. A well-suited, supportive carrier will help keep both you and baby free from injuries as well as make exercise easier and more enjoyable. Soft structured breathable carriers such the LILLEbaby Complete Airflow or LILLEbaby Complete Embossed are best when it comes to working out with your little one due to their air circulating fabric and supportive and adjustable design.

Most babywearing workouts are best with the baby in a front carry position, facing in, or with the baby on your back if they are older and can sit unsupported. We do not recommend forward facing or hip wearing while doing these babywearing workouts.

10 Minute Babywearing Workouts - LÍLLÉbaby Blog

Try these two workouts from 30 day babywearing exercise program.

Workout #1

Youtube video:

Lower Body Burn //10 Minute Lower Body

Equipment Needed: resistance band, optional, wall for balance

Intensity Level: Low to moderate

Warm Up:

5 minute walk
5 squats (holding at bottom for 3 seconds)


(Repeat circuit 3 times)

Exercise Equipment Reps
Lunge Pulses

Wall for support

Hamstring Kickbacks Ankle weight (optional) 20/leg
Calf Raises Wall for support 20
Marching None 1 minute

Workout #2 

Youtube Video:

10 Minute Upper Body

Equipment Needed: Resistance band

Intensity level: Moderate

Warm Up:

2 minute brisk walk
10 arm circles – make large circles with your arms forward and backwards.


(Repeat circuit 1 time)

Exercise Equipment Repetitions
Squat with Shoulder Press Resistance band 20/arm
Tricep Extensions
Bicep Curls
Deltoid Raises
Punching None
Squat with Shoulder Press Resistance band 15/arm
Tricep Extensions
Bicep Curls
Deltoid Raises
Punching None
Squat with Shoulder Press Resistance band 10/arm
Tricep Extensions
Bicep Curls
Deltoid Raises
Punching None

10 Minute Babywearing Workouts - LÍLLÉbaby Blog

Starting an Exercise Program Postpartum

Return to exercise postpartum should be a slow and gradual process. Always start with walking and core activation exercises. Once you have done this for a few weeks start to incorporate some strengthening activities. Too much, too fast can be harmful to your joints and ligaments after baby. If you are new to exercise or are having pain and discomfort, seek help before starting an exercise routine. Physical Therapists or Personal Trainers that specialize in postpartum fitness will be able to guide you to appropriate activities.

Jen Hollywood, babywearing educator from BabywearingLA gives the following recommendations regarding safety while babywearing during exercise.

1) What safety considerations should be taken while working out with a baby?

Whenever you are wearing your baby, it is important to make sure you are following the manufacturers recommendations for the carrier you are using. Things like age and height suggestions should be weighted against how your baby actually fits in the carrier you have to make sure baby is fully supported and airway is clear. You should also take into consideration the activity you are planning on participating in, as most manufacturers do not recommend using their products while engaging in any activity that required protective gear, such as helmets, knee pads, and safety belts and harnesses.

2) How old should a baby be before including them in a workout?

An infant under 6 months old could participate passively in a low impact exercise, but more moderate exercise would be better suited for a baby who sits unassisted.

3) What activities should be avoided while exercising with a baby?

Exercise and activities that involve spinning, twisting or bending greater than 45 degrees in any direction, or hanging with baby between the ground and the wearer should be avoided. One should never lift weights above a baby in a carrier. A child should not be worn while participating in most high impact activities while being worn at any age.

The most important thing is to have fun! Take this time to bond and have fun with your child while making positive steps towards your health and wellness goals after baby.

In fitness and good health,


10 Minute Babywearing Workouts - LÍLLÉbaby BlogNatasha is the owner of Fit Mama Santa Barbara and creator of ‘Fit Mama’s 30 Day Babywearing Workout Program’ She is a self-proclaimed semi-crunchy mama who loves babywearing, essential oils and cloth diapering. She is a licensed Occupational Therapist and wellness coach and provides in home and online training services for women of all ages. With her background in Kinesiology and Rehabilitation she has been able to help her clients rehabilitate after injury, and remain strong and healthy during pregnancy and postpartum. She loves long walks on the beach, travelling with her family, and afternoon playtime with her baby girl. Natasha lives in California with her husband and writes an information packed blog on fitness, postpartum health and life as a new mom. Check it out at and follow her on Instagram @fitmamasb for her latest workouts, recipes, and workout videos.

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK: This blog post is for informational purposes only. Consult a physician before performing this or any exercise program. It is your responsibility to evaluate yours and your baby’s medical and physical condition and to independently determine whether to perform, use or adapt any of the information or content in this post. Any exercise program may result in injury. By voluntarily undertaking any exercise above, you assume the risk of any resulting injury.

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10 Minute Babywearing Workouts with Fit Mama