3 Reasons You Deserve a Little ColorMeTime

I don't know about you, but for me, life as a parent has been a bit of a blur.  There are so many boxes to check, appointments to make, feedings, changings, sleepless nights, milestones, floors to sweep, jobs to attend, and so often I feel like the person I was before I was a parent is getting a little bit lost in the shuffle.  Enter coloring.  For grownups.

3 Reasons You Deserve a Little ColorMeTime

If you'd told me I would love coloring, I may have laughed - I have to color with my three year old all the time, after all!  Why would I color in my time off?  But a few weeks ago, I sat down with the brand new LILLEbaby ColorMe COMPLETE Original, a small army of fabric markers, and a full cup of coffee, and had a morning of ColorMe-MeTime.  ColorMeTime.  And it was glorious.

3 Reasons You Deserve a Little ColorMeTime - LÍLLÉbaby Blog

It turns out that coloring has a pretty solid list of health, mental, and emotional benefits.  Famous psychologist Carl Jung assigned mandalas to his psychiatry patients, and there have been many doctors and therapists since who have proclaimed the wonder of taking a little time to color.  Maybe you've thought about giving it a try, but just haven't quite found the time.  Here are three reasons you should get coloring:

  1. Coloring reduces stress and helps with focus.  If there are two things I struggle with as a mom, it's keeping my stress level down and my distractions at a minimum.  Coloring can function as a form of meditation, allowing the mind to quiet and focus on a creative task, which can lead to an overall feeling of well-being and relaxation.  Never, ever, a bad thing, especially in #parentlife.

  2. Coloring gives you the opportunity to be creative, together!  Gather a group of friends for some glasses of wine and some moments of creative freedom and conversation, or involve your older children in creating a collaborative family project for a younger sibling.  Coloring encourages the creative nature of your brain to cut loose a little bit, which can lead to wonderful conversations and maybe even some great discoveries about your hidden artistic talent!

  3. The LILLEbaby ColorMe turns Me Time into a beautiful keepsake for your little one.  As you color, we encourage you to think about the adventures and journeys your ColorMe will take you on, your hopes and dreams for your baby, and color all those wishes right into the fabric.  When you've finished, you'll have a visible reminder of all your beautiful plans to carry with you, to carry your child.  That's a beautiful thing.

3 Reasons You Deserve a Little ColorMeTime - LÍLLÉbaby Blog

What's stopping you from taking a little ColorMeTime today?  Order your LILLEbaby ColorMe, and be sure to share pictures of your process with the #ColorMeTime so we can admire your work!

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