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5 Fun And Achievable New Year’s Resolutions With Danielle Cuccio

Being a working mom was something I always heard my mom say when I was growing up but not until I became one myself did I realize what it actually meant to be a “Working Mother”.  I have full respect for working Moms now that I am one.  As CEO of my own wellness brand and someone who preaches self-care and wellness, it’s not always an easy task to find time for YOU as a parent.  Many times when I find time for a yoga class or can get out for an hour, I find myself wanting to rush home to Baby E.  As a new Mom and someone who spent all her hours on my business pre-baby, it was a big shift once Easton was born.  Writing this blog post with one hand, baby in the other, OKAY, I just put him down in his pack and play for a moment so I can write this. :)  Being a working mom, is no easy task, but many of us do it.  Let’s take a moment to give ourselves credit!  Instagram may make it look easy, but we know behind closed doors it's a full time job.

If it’s getting something done for work, cleaning around the house, simply eating a proper meal or getting in a workout (PS. dancing with Easton is one of my favorite activities/a good workout might I add), I love involving Easton as much as I can.  I want to squeeze in as much time with him as possible despite my work schedule and I know many of my Mom friends feel the same with their children.

Here are some gentle reminders and fun tips for you fellow working mamas:


  1. Workouts - Involve baby!  I love including E in my workouts. I usually put on my yoga online series ( and include E in the poses.  Sometimes I’ll place a toy on my yoga mat and let him play while I stretch and breathe.  If he seems to be moving around a lot, well, I just see him as my little fitness trainer making me work harder! 
  2. Bath time - We recently were on vacation and forgot to bring E’s bath so I got in the bath with him and made it a Mama & E bath activity.  I’m going to start doing this at home more too! I think my next Cuccio product has to be something Mommy & Me bath related..!
  3. Cooking/Cleaning Around The House - My husband does most the cooking in our house and sometimes wears E in our LILLEbaby Carrier!  The Carrier is also great for cleaning up around the house as well.  E loves keeping busy visually so me keeping busy, helps him stay busy! :)  I don’t have to worry about keeping an eye on him, because he’s with me!  My carrier allows me to still be productive which I love.
  4. Walks With Baby - One of my favorite things to do is go on neighborhood walks with E.  It’s so great to get some fresh air and be out in nature.  Baby loves it too.
  5. Remember, YOU’RE DOING YOUR BEST:  There will be days where it’s nearly impossible to get anything done.  Know that you are doing your best and that there will be more time.. give yourself a break and maybe those baby bottles in the kitchen sink can wait, and you go curl up on the couch with the new episode Real Housewives instead.

The truth is we can’t do it all and can’t always multitask, but I will say my Lille Baby has been a game changer and allowed me to get a lot more done than before I had one.  First, if you’re a new Mom or a Mom of 4, know that we’re all in this together.  We got this.  Secondly, find useful tools that work for you to help you still be productive while also involving your little one! 

Danielle Cuccio, RYT & CEO of Cuccio Somatology

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5 Fun And Achievable New Year’s Resolutions With Danielle Cuccio