The 5 Items You Need At Your Desk in Celebration of National Clean Up Your Desk Day + Giveaway

It’s National Clean Off Your Desk Day, and we are so here for it. Having a clean work space can decrease stress and increase productivity. Not to mention, you may find all of your long-lost pens and thumbtacks.

Whether you work from home, are going to school, or have kiddos that need a dedicated homework space, clutter-free is the way to be.

Top 5 things to keep?
  1. A charger for your phone
    • you never want to drop an important call
     2. Earbuds or a headset
    • Not holding your phone makes multi-tasking a breeze
     3. A virtual assistant
    • Think Amazon Alexa or Google Home. It’s great to keep track of appointments, set timers and also play music to keep your workspace fun
     4. Pens and paper.
    • We love a good planner and pens are way easier to write with than crayons
     5. Framed awards, memories, achievements etc
    • It can’t be all work and no play! Having reminders of your family and friends make the days at the desk go by much quicker and remind you why you work as hard as you do!

Need some inspo? Check out the workspaces of some LÍLLÉ employees!

And while you’re at it, why not clean out that closet too? Here at LÍLLÉ we thought it was time to de-clutter a little bit so we’re cleaning out the vault and putting some popular-no longer available-prints up for grabs in a special giveaway! Help us celebrate growing an amazing online community of LILLEbaby Lovers to 50,000+ people by entering the giveaway below!

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  • Nicole

    Anyone else checking out these desks hardcore looking for clues about any new release that may be coming???
    Great tips on organizing!

  • Christine Aimee

    I’m so excited for this giveaway!! I don’t know if doll carriers count but I would love the pachyderm one to come back and if it was an actual carrier print I’d buy it in heartbeat!

  • Melissa Garwood

    I would love to see more Disney prints in something besides the all-seasons :)

  • Amanda Jordan

    We just built a floating desk I our guest room a few weeks back but I haven’t even began to decorate it yet. I’d love to see a vintage Strawberry Shortcake print.

  • Taelor

    What a great read! Definitely cleaning my desk today!!

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