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6 Superbowl Party Ideas for Little Ones

6 Superbowl Party Ideas for Little Ones - LÍLLÉbaby Blog

Superbowl Party Ideas for Little Ones

  1. Make some quick and adorable DIY pom poms to get toddlers in on the cheering fun!  Bonus: this project is GREAT practice cutting with scissors. Instructions can be found here.

  2. A sweet football lacing project will keep tiny minds and hands occupied while you enjoy the game.  Football lacing for everyone here.

  3. Easy football paper sack popcorn bags add a fun sportsmanly twist to snack time.  Get your snack on here.

  4. Wear your loyalty AND your baby by decking out your carrier in adorable team-colored strap covers!  We found ours here.

  5. Download free printable penalty signs to call out your party guests and give kids a fun way to engage and learn the rules of the game!  Find the printable here.

  6. Celebrate with deliciously simple Ice Cream Football Sandwiches... what kid wouldn't want one? I certainly want one.  Yum.  Cute tutorial here.



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