Babywearing Basics: Your Three “Musts” for LÍLLÉwearing

With six positions, fit checks, and customizable options, it can be easy to get a little overwhelmed when you’re first getting started wearing your little one. But don’t worry! We’ve boiled it down to three simple must-checks for you to remember as you head out into the world. So the next time you buckle your baby in, remember to check the following:
Babywearing Basics: Your Three “Musts” for LILLEwearing

Position - Baby should be tight enough to move with your body, high enough to be kissed easily on the head without having to strain your neck, and their knees should be able to swing freely (not held in an extended position by the seat fabric). To help you remember what to check, just think tight cuddle, high kiss, swinging knees - cuddle, kiss, knees!
Babywearing Basics: Your Three “Musts” for LILLEwearing
Buckles - Check to make sure all buckles are securely fastened with the webbing through the elastic safety loops. Listen for the click to make sure you connect!

Babywearing Basics: Your Three “Musts” for LILLEwearing
Milestones - Be sure to follow your manual’s guides for age and developmental milestones! We’ll be breaking those down one-by-one in future blog posts, but if you have any questions, you can always reach out to us at


Babywearing Basics: Your Three “Musts” for LILLEwearing
Beyond that, it’s all about your comfort, and we are expert troubleshooters when it comes to helping you find the perfect fit! Leave your questions in the comments below and we’ll help you find your ideal comfy carry.




  • Sierra Gage

    I’m brand new to baby wearing and to LILLEBaby, me and my son love our carrier and look forward to adding to our collection!

  • Samantha Kirkpatrick

    I can’t wait for back carry milestone!

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