Breastfeeding and Babywearing: A Natural Pair

Breastfeeding is the source of incredible nutrition, bonding, and numerous benefits for both babies and their mothers, but often it can also be a source of stress, complication, and even shame for struggling new parents.  It's wonderfully good, and wonderfully beautiful, but sometimes not wonderfully easy.

Breastfeeding and Babywearing: A Natural Pair - LÍLLÉbaby Blog


The link between breastfeeding and babywearing is a natural one, and babywearing can be an incredible tool in the belt of a nursing mother, offering her freedom, ease, and even as a way to trouble shoot some common breastfeeding struggles.  
With practice, babywearing can help to build confident, strong nursing mamas and healthy, thriving little ones.

Here are three ways babywearing can help improve your breastfeeding experience:

  1. Breastfeeding an infant, especially in the early days of infancy when babies are feeding up to 12 times a day, is a daunting time commitment.  Babywearing allows the mother of a little one who is cluster feeding or going through a growth spurt to feed her child hands free, and opens up a world of possibility.

    Breastfeeding and Babywearing: A Natural Pair - LÍLLÉbaby Blog Photo courtesy of @gladtidingsbymel on Instagram

  2. The closeness of babywearing has been shown to regulate and improve milk production, because baby has constant access to the breast, and mothers are able to observe and respond to babies' cues.  It can also help babies who struggle to gain weight.  According to Dr. Sears, "Proximity to the mother encourages a baby to feed more frequently. In addition to this, it could be that the nearness of mother to baby enables and encourages mother to read and respond to baby’s feeding cues more promptly. Also, because baby is always near the source of milk and comfort, he does not have to waste energy summoning mother; baby can use this energy to grow." (Read more here.)

    Breastfeeding and Babywearing: A Natural Pair - LÍLLÉbaby Blog Photo courtesy of @shynnz on Instagram

  3. A carrier provides discreet coverage for mothers who prefer a bit more privacy when nursing in public.  The LÍLLÉbaby neck support and sleeping hood both provide privacy for mother and baby while nursing, allowing mom to run errands, take a walk, and be out and about and able to nurse freely and comfortably wherever she is!

    Breastfeeding and Babywearing: A Natural Pair - LÍLLÉbaby Blog Photo courtesy of @happy2beamommy on Instagram

Wherever and however you feed your little one, we are wishing you success, support, and so much joy!




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