Building the Bond - LILLEbaby, Lessons, and the Bond Conference in New York City

At LÍLLÉbaby, the motivation that drives us is deep and essential - to help create ease and comfort for parents in the early years of parenting, to help them raise healthy, thriving babies, and to facilitate the bond between parent and child in the best way we know how.

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to sit and listen to some of the greatest minds in the early infant and child development arena talk about that bond - how it is formed and fostered, the science that drives it, and the long term affects it can have on an entire, beautiful life.

Building the Bond - LILLEbaby Blog

The Bond Conference is the brain child of the beautiful Joanna of the Center for Babywearing Studies, and it was an honor to receive such an immense wealth of information from experts like Dr. James McKenna, whose studies on co-sleeping are literally leading the world on the subject, Dr. Kersten Moberg, whose research on oxytocin has changed the way the world understands bonding, Dr. Charles Price, who has devoted his life to healthy hip development in little ones, and several other gifted and brilliant experts.

Building the Bond - LILLEbaby Blog

And it is an even bigger honor to get to bring some of that incredible knowledge to you.

Over the next year, as part of our commitment to education and growth, we will be bringing you the LILLE Lessons series.  These posts will range from tips and tricks for getting the most comfortable fit from your carrier, to in-depth looks at how babywearing can scientifically help with bonding, oxytocin levels, milk production, stability, neurological development, physiological development, and, of course - getting a few things done along the way.

Building the Bond - LILLEbaby Blog

Stay tuned for an incredible, educational, snuggle filled year, LILLE loves!


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Building the Bond - LILLEbaby, Lessons, and the Bond Conference in New