Everyday Incredible

Dear You -

There are times in this world when some will try to convince you that dads don't know what they are doing. They'll tell you that confident hands and open hearts and careful care are a mother's tools, a kind of mama-only magic that leaves papas fumbling, daddies befuddled, and men holding babies like breakable, foreign objects of likely destruction and doom.

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We've seen you and the way you champion your little ones. We've seen the way you fall swiftly, confidently in love with those tiny babies, the way you carry them with superhero strength and impeccable, gentle care. We've watched you become the king of diaper dexterity, the ruler of late night soothing, the one who knows exactly the right silly faces to wear to coax out your toddler's unmatchable laugh. We've watched you carrying your kiddo out into the world, explaining everything to them in your patient, steady words.

santa anita race track, shayne blue,

We've watched you take on fatherhood with a natural grace that looks right in the eyes of a skeptical society and says "Hey. Don't worry. I've got this." We've watched the way our little ones look at you as though you hung the moon and could probably claim it, as though you are someone heroic and unmatchable and brave.

We see that hero and the human behind him, the one who falls asleep exhausted in the living room after long newborn nights. You are at once the man who is too tired to remember what day it is and the superman who never forgets to pick up coffee for us exactly when we need it. You are the dad who had never held a baby before yours, and the whisperer who can suddenly soothe every baby he's handed to sleep in just moments.

You are the man who knows Goodnight Moon by heart, who can sing along to any Disney song, who makes the greatest mac'n cheese of all time, who always knows which princess pajamas will bring the best dreams. You are perfectly ordinary, and every day incredible, and we see you, Dad. We see how fiercely, how powerfully, how softly and wonderfully you love.

santa anita race track, shayne blue,

If you let it, this world will try to convince you that dads don't know what they are doing. But we know better, because we've seen you. And we know you'd never call yourself a hero, but you're ours. Every day and always, you're ours.

Thanks for being our everyday Incredible. We couldn't possibly love you more.

santa anita race track, shayne blue,


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