easy halloween costumes for busy parents

It’s been a minute since little ones have been able to participate in traditional Trick or Treat and we’re excited for Halloween 2021. We have rounded up a few easy costumes for both parents and kiddos that are achievable for anyone on the “last minute” side. With the help of babywearing, you can safely and comfortably join in on the festivities while your little one(s) enjoys every moment of this fun tradition.

Burrito Costume 

Who doesn’t love a burrito even in the form of a costume? Trick or treat is a guaranteed winner in this easy to achieve get up. LÍLLÉbaby Brand Ambassador, Nicole, gets a round of applause for creativity and simplicity! Strap on the SeatMe Carrier (because of course, front seat), a hot sauce sign in the front panel of the carrier, adorable little one in tow and finally, wrap yourself in a blanket and ta-da, you got yourself a costume which everyone will love.


Dalmatian Nation

Do you own black jeans, white t-shirt and some puppy ears? Yes, of course. Then open up the arts and crafts at-home and in no-time you will have a family of the cutest, most adorable Dalmatian puppies. Brand Ambassador, Delirah, for the win with this easy how-to costume for the whole family.


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“We’re A Grape Bunch” 

Oh what fun is to do this DIY Halloween Costume inspired by Brand Ambassador mama, Emilia Donaldson. For this tasty costume, you will need a carrier, like the Complete All Seasons in Stone, purple balloons and help from your little ones. Estimated time of completion – under 30 min. Oh and let’s guess your favorite candy….HI-Chew grape?

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Tired Superheros

Our final idea for all parents celebrating Halloween is simply to grab a carrier because all heroes get tired and with the help of babywearing, they can take a nap while still enjoying the festivities. Spider Mama, Kenyana in the Pursuit Sport carrier while her sweet superhero is taking a quick nap. 

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From our LÍLLÉbaby family to yours, we wish you a fun and safe Halloween 2021. Tag us and use #LILLELetsMe on social media for a chance to be featured on our channels. 

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easy halloween costumes for busy parents