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Hey, Mama - Rule On

Hey, mama - we see you.

We see you, balancing daily, the weight and the magic of the task to which you've been called.

We know you're everyone's river - the calm, flowing home they return to. You're the goodnight lullabies and the peaceful shushing like waves that soothes your little one to sleep. You're the soft hands catching tears, the wide open blue sky of imagination that is collecting and holding space for every single one of their dreams. You're the deep blue midnight hours and the restful, ever adapting, ever continuing love that is winding around every challenge and keeping your little ones safe and held and seen and carried. We see your blue waters. We see you carrying them along. LÍLLÉ Love Letters: Cheyenne on Exploration

We also know you're everyone's fire - the fierce, mighty energy that drives through the days, the lion-hearted roar insisting the best and the boldest and the most for your babies. We see the way you push, and fight, the relentless work it takes to keep all those little fires burning. We see you running from place to place, keeping hugs and laughs at the ready, and the exhausted way you crash into bed at the end of those long, full-throttle days. We see the bright sunlight burn of the way you love wholly, and wildly, and with all of the force of your soul. We see the red wonder of your heart swells. We see you lighting the way.

When you add fire to water, the red to the blue of you, we are left with exactly what you are - the richest purple, the color of royalty, for the queen of all of our hearts. May the color remind you that we see and love the balance that you are, the work you are doing, your irreplaceable, precious reign. Thank you for being our calm blue water and our mighty red flame. Thank you for being exactly the queen we need.

We see you. We love you. Rule on.

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  • Jillian

    My Lillebaby is the best way to wear my baby because it fits my petite frame perfectly, the lumbar support makes it extra comfortable to wear, and my daughter loves being close to me while I carry her hands free! 💗

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Hey, Mama - Rule On