How to Disney with Kids Under 5, and Have the Happiest Trip on Earth

Planning a trip to a Disney park? Here are our best tips for making the Happiest Place on Earth the happiest experience possible with small children!

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Ditch the stroller. There is NOTHING better than breezing through Disneyland with your babe or toddler strapped to your chest or back in a LÍLLÉ, and that cargo pocket is the secret to success. No one wants to worry about stroller pushing and parking all day, so here's our tried and true plan: Even if your kids are walking, bring a carrier. Rent a locker when you first enter the park and stash your diaper bag with snacks and supplies there, while loading up the pocket of your LÍLLÉ with snacks and a single diaper for quick changes if needed. Wear the LÍLLÉ like a backpack while your kids explore, and it's there and ready for easy carrying or crowd navigating when things get tough or legs get tired. Return to your locker a few times throughout the day to reload, and relish the joy of having nothing to push around!

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Leave the park for naps. Carrier naps are great, but leaving the park midday for a break can help avoid evening meltdowns. A lot of Disney magic happens after dark, so take an hour off in the afternoon to return to your hotel, rest up, eat a cheap snack, and come back ready for nighttime wonder!

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Use the parent rider swap option. Want to ride Space Mountain, but don't have anyone to wait with your kids? Disney offers parents a rider swap coupon - just ask the ride attendants for a ticket, and when you're done riding, your partner can ride without wiating in line a second time!

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Do dark rides in the dark. Some of the rides at Disney are indoors or underground. If you have children who are afraid of the dark, wait until the sun goes down. The contrast between the bright day and dark inside can be jarring, but at night there is less contrast, and kids are less likely to notice the change.

santa anita race track, shayne blue,

Here's hoping all your Disney dreams come true! Be sure to use #LILLEletsme and show us photos from your trip!

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