Keeping Close & Cool: 5 Tips for Warm Weather Babywearing

Keeping Close & Cool: Tips for Warm Weather Wearing

Summer is upon us, and with it, long, hot days at fairs, festivals, and events.  Here are five simple tips to keep you and your little one as cool as possible on your summertime babywearing adventures!

Keeping Close & Cool: 5 Tips for Warm Weather Babywearing

  1. Choose a carrier with a bit of a breeze!  The COMPLETE  Airflow, All Seasons, and the CarryOn Air or 4 Seasons feature our soft and cushy 3D Mesh and offer all day comfort and support while helping regulate body heat.  Our new Tie-the-Knot wrap is also light and breathable, and an elegant option for a summer picnic or BBQ.  Find them here: Airflow All Seasons CarryOn Air CarryOn 4 Seasons Tie the Knot Wrap

  2. Be mindful of the sun!  Stay in the shade when possible, cover up with hats, leggings, and sunscreen, and make sure that newborns especially get a break from the heat regularly - the tiniest among us aren't able to regulate their temperatures as easily as older children and adults, so be especially mindful.

  3. Keeping a thin layer of cotton between you and baby can help keep everyone a little less sweaty and sticky - try a crew neck t-shirt for an easy layer of protection.

  4. With older toddlers and kiddos, a cooling pack or cloth can be placed in the cargo pocket to provide a little extra relief - both the CarryOn Air and the COMPLETE Airflow feature our signature zippered pocket.  Cooling cloths can also be worn on your neck or shoulders.  Do not use cooling products where they may come into contact with newborns and young infants.

  5. Switch it up!  Take turns with a partner carrying little ones, or switch to a hip or back carry if your baby is old enough - moving everyone around can help remind you to take breaks and give everyone a chance to cool down, and back or hip carries can be a bit cooler than chest to chest when appropriate.

Keeping Close & Cool: 5 Tips for Warm Weather Babywearing

Wishing you a cool, active, and love-filled summer!


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Keeping Close & Cool: 5 Tips for Warm Weather Babywearing