LÍLLÉ Lessons: 4 Ways Babywearing Makes Traveling a Breeze!

If you and your family are still planning your late summer travels, here are four reasons to consider bringing LÍLLÉbaby along for the ride!

  1. Carriers were MADE for airports!  You're hauling your luggage, your other kids, your coffee, and your thin shreds of patience - let us make caring for baby a bit easier by keeping her safely snuggled close to you in your LILLEbaby.  Many airports will let you wear baby even though the security check (you will have to bypass the big machine, and have your hands swabbed), and we all know how valuable free hands can be in those moments!LÍLLÉ Lessons: 4 Ways Babywearing Makes Travel a Breeze ! - LÍLLÉbaby Blog

  2. Have a family camping trip planned?  Your LILLEbaby is a HUGE asset for keeping your littlest camper up out of the dirt, away from campfires, out of trouble, and content.  For active explorers, our COMPLETE Airflow or Embossed are fantastic options for hiking and beach wandering!LÍLLÉ Lessons: 4 Ways Babywearing Makes Travel a Breeze ! - LÍLLÉbaby Blog

  3. Headed abroad to do some exploring?  A baby carrier makes navigating uneven or cobblestoned streets, staircases at attractions and landmarks, and public transportation a breeze!  The ability to wander without a stroller is freeing and fun, and grants you and baby access to all kinds of hard to reach places!LÍLLÉ Lessons: 4 Ways Babywearing Makes Travel a Breeze ! - LÍLLÉbaby Blog

  4. If you're planning a family trip to the amusement park, consider using a carrier for your day in the park!  With the help of a centrally located locker, you can load up snacks and essentials in the cargo pocket of your LÍLLÉbaby and wear it like a backpack while your little one explores, ready for quick ups when they get tired.  You'll love how quickly and easily you can breeze through crowds without a stroller, and no more wrestling the stroller jungle before hopping on rides!  Some slow, mellow attractions are even babywearing friendly, and there's nothing like sleepy dust to inspire a nice long carrier nap midday.


Thanks to @slackphoto for the incredible shots of their trip to Paris!  Follow them on Instagram!

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