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LÍLLÉ Lessons: The Chest Clip

LÍLLÉ Lessons: The Chest Clip

It's one of the questions we hear most often:

"Hey, LILLEbaby!!  How do I fasten this dang gosh chest clip?"

We hear you.  You have a new baby, maybe a sore or recovering body, and trying to reach behind your back to fasten a clip you can't seem to reach or see is officially frustrating.

Today's LÍLLÉ Lesson is all about our friend the chest clip - how to wear it, fasten it, get it on your team, and learn to love it.

LÍLLÉ Lessons: The Chest Clip



First things first: The placement of your chest clip should depend on one thing - your comfort.  With the help of a partner or friend, get your baby positioned correctly in your carrier (remember tight, in view, close enough to kiss...) and experiment with sliding the chest clip up and down the shoulder straps until you determine the position that is most comfortable for you.  For many, right between the shoulder blades is the ideal landing spot, and you may find you adjust your chest clip placement differently for front or back carries.

Straps digging in to the backs of your arms a bit?  Try lowering the chest clip a bit and tightening it a little (loosen the straps a bit if you need to!)

Straps feel too wide on your shoulders?  Try raising the clip a bit and tightening it up!

How to Fasten:

Once you have figured out the best placement for your chest clip, it's time to practice getting that sucker fastened!  Here's a little video to get you on your way:

Thanks, Vimeo, for that awesome choice of thumbnail freeze.  Really, thank you.  ;)

To recap:

    • Start with your straps nice and loose

    • Place baby in carrier and slide your hands up the straps, maintaining tension

    • Fasten chest clip at ponytail height

    • Pull forward or backward as you prefer to tighten straps, allowing chest clip to slide down your back

    • To remove baby, loosen straps, slide hands up straps to chest clip, and unclip!

You're on your way!  If you have any questions about your chest clip, feel free to leave us a comment and we'll get you some answers!

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  • Yaritza Shears

    I have lost the chest clip from my carrier , where would I find a replacement?

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LÍLLÉ Lessons: The Chest Clip