LÍLLÉ Lessons: When are You Ready for the CarryOn Toddler Carrier?

One of the questions we get asked most frequently is "When is my toddler ready to move up to the CarryOn?"  It's a great question, and the answer is mostly a simple one, but we wanted to take a moment to explain it in detail.

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The CarryOn was designed with one objective in mind: to provide a supportive carrier that can accommodate a large toddler or child who needs to be carried.  For most families, the COMPLETE series will comfortably carry your child through the babywearing years, supporting toddlers up to 45lbs.  However, for families who regularly wear their toddlers and are seeking more specific support, or families with children who have mobility restrictions, the CarryOn is a comfortable and useful option!

In order to fit properly in the CarryOn, your child must be tall enough to sit comfortably in the seat.  If your child is too short, their knees will not be able to swing freely, which might place unnecessary strain on growing joints.

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Here are some things to check for if you are considering a CarryOn:

  • Is my child at LEAST 34" tall AND 20lbs?

  • Is he or she over the age of 2?

  • Is my child able to sit in the seat of the CarryOn with his or her knees completely clear of the edges of the seat, able to swing freely?

  • Is my child able to sit in the CarryOn with his or her head and neck clear of the top of the panel?

If you answered Yes to these questions, the CarryOn is a great option for you to try!

Your little one IS ready to ride comfortably in the CarryOn if he or she is:

  • Over 45lbs

  • Over 40" tall

We hope these questions will make your choice to COMPLETE or CarryOn just a little bit simpler, and whichever style is the right fit for your family, we are so happy to be a part of your babywearing journey!!

LÍLLÉ Lessons: When are You Ready for the CarryOn Toddler Carrier?


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