LÍLLÉ Love Letters: Brandy on Love

by Brandy


LÍLLÉ Love Letters: Brandy on Love - LÍLLÉbaby Blog

Love, by definition, means a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person.  That definition is not even the tip of the iceberg as to what love really means, my sweet boys.

LÍLLÉ Love Letters: Brandy on Love - LÍLLÉbaby Blog

For me, love was truly defined when I knew I was having a baby. The moment I realized a tiny human was growing inside my body is the day I first felt what love truly is and how deep of an emotion it can be. Love is a force of nature that consumes every nerve ending of your being. I was so overwhelmed with love that it radiated off me like beams of light guiding me into motherhood - a journey that I was terrified to take, yet so ready I could practically taste it.

LÍLLÉ Love Letters: Brandy on Love - LÍLLÉbaby Blog

A mother’s love is like no other kind of love. It’s the kind that runs so deep it could fill every single crevasse of the entire universe. It’s selfless, understanding and forgiving. With every kick, every hiccup, and every little pregnancy pain, I was reminded of that love. Once I gave birth to you angels, my life truly changed in an instant. The love I thought couldn't grow anymore for you, did.  It was unconditional love.
  Now, when someone asks me if I have ever fallen in love at first site, I can answer honestly and say yes…twice, and I am completely devoted.

Love is the foundation that holds people in this world together. It’s invisible; it can’t be seen or measured, yet it is so powerful. Love is a passionate commitment that we nurture and develop. When you love someone, you feel what they feel in your heart. Love isn’t about who you can live with but, more importantly, who you cannot live without. Love is appreciation and acceptance of a person’s true self with all of their flaws. Love always brings comfort in times of sorrow and knows no limits.  A life without love would be like a tree with no fruit.

LÍLLÉ Love Letters: Brandy on Love - LÍLLÉbaby Blog

Let me tell you this: loving you two comes easily for me.  Loving you means when you are happy, I am happy - everything in my world is just perfect and I feel as though nothing can bring me down from that high. I feel like I am on a cloud soaring to the heavens each time one of you smiles up at me! That’s what your happiness does to me. When you’re sad, I feel sad - everything is dark in my being and all I want to do is make it light again.  I yearn for your smile through your dark hours, and I will stop at nothing to ensure that your sadness goes away. When you are away from me even for just short periods of time, I think of and pray for you constantly.

LÍLLÉ Love Letters: Brandy on Love - LÍLLÉbaby Blog

I feel like love can only truly be defined with experience, and as you grow up you will experience a variety of loves of your own. You will have love for your father and me, love for each other, love for your grandmas, your grandpas, your friends, your pets, and love for yourself.
One day you will even have love for your wife and your very own children. You will then look back on this letter and know exactly what I meant.

LÍLLÉ Love Letters: Brandy on Love - LÍLLÉbaby Blog

The greatest gift God has given to me is the heart so full of love for you two.

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