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LÍLLÉ Love Letters: Char on "Color"

To my sweet boys:

I look at both of you each day and I often wonder what I did to deserve such a beautiful family. You are beyond anything I could've imagined for myself.

LÍLLÉ Love Letters: Char on Color
When I was growing up, I remember hearing people say that the world was black and white. I never knew what that meant exactly. All I knew was that if that were true, I didn't fit in. As I've gotten older, and especially now that I'm your mama, I'm certain that the world is full of vibrant, beautiful colors. Colors that surpass what our eyes can see. Colors that fill our hearts and our souls. Colors that paint all the memories we make in our lives as we travel on our journey. Colors that represent LOVE. 

It brings tears to my eyes to recount the days when you were both such tiny babies.

Kaleo, I don't know how 9 years has passed so quickly. You are all that I wish I could be. You are so kind, thoughtful, loving, smart, selfless, witty, forgiving, understanding, helpful; you always put others before yourself. I've never met anyone who is more enlightened than you. Truly. 

Kameron, your star shines so bright. Your personality is so magnetic. I love listening to you sing and watching your cute baby dances! You are so sweet, loving, feisty (just like Mama!), adventurous, curious; it's hard to believe that the past two years have flown by so fast. I can't wait to watch you grow even more.

LÍLLÉ Love Letters: Char on Color

I cherish these days with you both so much. I know one day, you'll be too big for me to snuggle with and that you won't need me to tuck you in at night anymore. But I try not to think of those days too much. Instead, I'm taking all my hugs and kisses! And all the hand-holding/carrying/baby-wearing/piggy back rides/cuddles/ALL THE LOVE I CAN GET! 

Thank you both for loving me and for teaching me so much about the beauty of life. Thank you for allowing me to see that the world isn't just black and white; that it is so rich with color. You are my heart and soul, my spirt, my eyes, my ears.
Always know in your hearts, that no matter where you are or how old you both get, I will always love you and you will forever be my babies.

I pray that your hearts are filled with as much love as mine is. I pray that you'll always be guided by the good in the world; that you are kept from harm; that all your dreams come true; that you both always know that you are perfect as you are; that the world is blessed by your light; that you always bring the best out in each other and in others. I pray that the color that you bring into my life will enrapture the world with goodness and love.

LÍLLÉ Love Letters: Char on Color
Life is your canvas, my loves. Always believe that everything you need to paint your masterpiece will be there when you need it. And that I will always be here when you need me. 

I love you forever.


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LÍLLÉ Love Letters: Char on "Color"