LÍLLÉ x HYGGE: 5 Easy Ways to Warm up your Winter

I’m not sure if we’ve mentioned it, but here at LÍLLÉbaby, we’re REALLY into snuggles. And all things cozy. And snacks.

Okay, snacks is unofficial. But we’re into them. I mean, who isn’t?

As we round into these late long winter months, we’re indulging in the Danish practice of Hygge. Hygge is best described as a feeling of comfortable connection, of coziness and simplicity, of indulgence in the simple pleasures of warmth through a long cold season. The heart of our carriers' design comes from Scandinavian principles of beautiful, simple belongings, and the heart of our mission is the connection between babies and their caretakers,which is why LÍLLÉ and Hygge are a match made in cozy Northern European heaven!

LILLE X HYGGE: 5 Easy Ways to Warm up your Winter

Here are a few ways you can add a little hygge (that’s hoo-guh, in case you were wondering) into the rest of your winter. It’s simple - you can start this afternoon!:

1) Wear that baby! Not only is keeping baby cuddle-close in a carrier convenient and practical, it’s healthy - for you and baby, for your bodies and your brains. Coziness, warmth, and skin-to-skin contact send a flurry of helpful hormones and endorphins through your system, which can help you feel content, connected with your little one, and empowered to get through long parenting days!

LILLE X HYGGE: 5 Easy Ways to Warm up your Winter

2) Surround yourself with softness. Gather up your warmest throw blankets, your coziest socks, and let yourself relax into the cuddled-up feeling. Make sure your couch and bed are inviting spaces - maybe add a few beautiful details, like a comforter you love, to help them feel indulgent.  While you’re on your softness mission, our Embossed and Woven carriers are known for their kitten belly-soft lining and cushy fabrics.

LILLE X HYGGE: 5 Easy Ways to Warm up your Winter

3) Dim the lights. Hygge lighting is soft and warm. Light a few good smelling candles, maybe hang a few twinkle lights, and turn off your harsh overhead lighting for awhile.

LILLE X HYGGE: 5 Easy Ways to Warm up your Winter

4) Make yourself a warm drink or a good snack. Coffee and your favorite treat? Yes please. I’ll be right over.

5) Enjoy being together, snuggled up with your little one, in a cozy, warm, glowy winter haven. Breathe deeply, kiss the top of your baby’s sweet head, and give yourself permission to snuggle all afternoon. After all, the days are long, but the years are short.

LILLE X HYGGE: 5 Easy Ways to Warm up your Winter

Wishing you happiness, LÍLLÉlove, and all of the Hygge.

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For more information on Hygge, check out the The Little Book of Hygge. You can find it here: The Little Book of Hygge

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