My LÍLLÉ Life: 5 Creative Baby Shower Activities

Baby showers: we all simultaneously love and sort of dread them.  Whether you embrace and adore all the games and tradition, or would rather you never had to see another clothespin or taste another anonymous baby food, here are five clever, crafty ideas for your shower that are sure to be met with cheers instead of sighs.

My LÍLLÉ Life: 5 Creative Baby Shower Activities

  1. Foster a future love of reading by teaming up to create a sweet Alphabet Book for baby!  Follow the link to download the free printable! Get the Alphabet Book!

  2. Set up a "Make a Mobile" station and craft some eye-catching wonders to captivate the new little one. See an adorable example here!

  3. Give the gift of creative cuddles with a LÍLLÉbaby COMPLETE ColorMe station - provide guests with non-toxic fabric markers and let everyone leave their mark on the gift of a carrier that will provide comfort and convenience for the new parents and baby alike!  (ColorMe available for purchase at beginning in January 2016)

  4. Design beautiful beaded bracelets with thoughtful messages to remind the new mama how loved she is as she labors.  Order a beading kit here!

  5. A hair bow or headband station is a fun, practical way to celebrate a new arrival!  We love the adorable clippie station at this sweet shower!

What are your favorite baby shower ideas?

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My LÍLLÉ Life: 5 Creative Baby Shower Activities