On Lockdown: Fun & Educational Activities With Your Kids

You, your family and the kids are stuck indoors because COVID-19 has shut down schools, day cares, libraries, zoos, restaurants and all non-essential businesses for the next 3-4weeks, or more. The thought of being isolated indoors with high energy little ones can fill any parent with extreme anxiety. 

With the help of our Brand Ambassadors, we’ve come up with some fun things to do at home and combined a list of our favorite educational websites and learning apps while we all wait out Coronavirus closures at home. 

20 Fun Indoor Activities 

  • Play family board games 
  • Have an indoor picnic 
  • Family cardio workout on YouTube. Link 
  • Virtual story time with friends & family via FaceTime 
  • Take a virtual tour of an art gallery or museum. Link 
  • Put on a puppet show 
  • Tour the Cape May County zoo. Link 
  • Spring Color Sort Egg Carton. Link  
  • Virtual arts & crafts tutorial. Link 
  • Comic book writing. Link 
  • Family scavenger hunt 
  • Playing with bubbles never gets old for little ones 
  • Turn bath time into an ocean adventure, by adding a few drops of blue food coloring to water 
  • Yoga for kids. Link 
  • Make a time capsule. One day you’ll look back at this crazy time 
  • Turn the volume up and have a dance party 
  • Learn about how the body works. Link 
  • Science experiments using items from your pantry. Link 

Educational websites and Learning Apps 

So, whether you’re a stay at home parent, or you’re working from home we hope some of these activities and resources will keep your kids challenged and keep the family from going stir crazy! 


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