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Seashell Walk, Explorers Heart

The most beautiful days are spent next to the sea. Walking together, hand in hand, scanning the ground collecting souvenirs of the heart.

COMPLETE All Seasons in Seahorses. Available on

LILLEbaby COMPLETE All Seasons in Seahorses and Doll Carrier.

With an explorers eye, little hands gather these perfect treasures, straight from the sea.

COMPLETE All Seasons. LILLEbabyEvery shell stashed in a pocket is like a placeholder in time, a remembrance of the quietly shared moments of her childhood.

COMPLETE All Season in Seahorses. LILLEbaby

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  • Emmily Lunsford

    Today I bought I was given this from a friend and I was curious to know if my toddler can be facing outward or if it’s inward at the parents only. I love it by the way!!

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Seashell Walk, Explorers Heart