Simple In Home Holiday DIY Decor

It's time to get festive. Thanksgiving is the official kick off to the holiday season. We are ready to listen to Michael Bublé, drink peppermint lattes and spend time with family, friends and loved ones. Ahh, the memories we make during this time of year...

This year, we decided to bring an easy, in-home decor DIY which you can achieve easily and most importantly, without breaking the bank. It's time to get creative and while you are at it, make sure to put some good tunes and let's get this party going. Our dear co-worker Kristin, will walk you through the process of creating this magical (but really super easy to achieve) decor. 

Kristin P:

"Once I decided what I wanted to do, I had a very willing neighbor allow me to prune her tree. I found a long enough branch with enough "swoopy" parts and then plucked the leaves off. Then I zip-tied it to the pendant lights.  

I bought a large box of 100 ornaments a few years ago , it's a mix of gold/silver/bronze metallic ones. So I already had the ornaments and threw in a couple red ones to go with the rest of the holiday decor in my house.

Of course, you do need ornament hooks or fishing wire also works - the choice is yours. Everything else was as easy as it sounds. Voila. Done!"

What you'll need:

  • branches 
  • ornaments 
  • ornament hooks (or fishing wire)
  • zip ties ( to attached to lights or fishing wire)



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Simple In Home Holiday DIY Decor