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Some Heroes

Some heroes are tired
Some milk-stained, some worn
Some heroes still haven't slept
Since you were born

Some heroes go shopping
Two times in one day
To get what they'd forgotten
Or just get away

Some heroes are worried
They might not succeed
Hoping somehow, just somehow
You'll have all you need

But these heroes, so tired in yesterdays clothes
With spit-up sloshed t-shirts and LEGO scarred toes
These heroes, though cape-less and sleepy and slow
These heroes are some of the best that we know

These heroes have kisses
These heroes have time
They have games they will teach you
And lessons, and rhymes

These heroes have strong hugs
To keep you from harm
To wrap you up warmly
In love's hero arms

These heroes aren't flashy
Some heroes won't be
But they're also exactly
The heroes we need

Some heroes wear spandex
Or capes and boots, maybe
But our favorite heroes?
They're all wearing babies.




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