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Splish Splash, Summer Fun!

The summer heat is getting cranked up and nobody wants to spend their days indoors! Little feet and bodies get wiggly, singing with their need to explore. Older siblings are home and cries of "I'm bored" started up a week after school let out. Summer camps and theme parks get expensive and while picnic tea parties in the grass and bug collecting activities are a blast, sometimes we just need to get the kids far from the house to reset their curious minds.

One of the most fun outings to try is a local splash pad. Fun for all ages, it's a lovely surprise when a regular trip to the park becomes a water exploration!  Spraygrounds are popping up in cities everywhere as an inexpensive, and usually free play place. Some are fancy with spray features and water slides, while others are simple fountains for the kids to dash through. Some simple tips will make an impromptu trip to a local spray-park easy and stress free.

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Park play dates are even more fun when a water feature is included. Don't forget snacks to share like sliced oranges and watermelon. Pack kid friendly sunscreen, a change of clothes and away you go!
splash judah 2.1From big kids to babies, a splash pad is the perfect sensory exploration. Most are free and can be found in cities everywhere with a simple web search. What's your favorite park to play at this summer?



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