Sprinkles and Glaze, Lets Celebrate Doughnut Day!

Old Fashioned, Boston cream, strawberry frosted...so many delightful treats on National Doughnut Day! Here are five cute and easy ideas to celebrate the most delicious day in June.

National Donut Day[2)

ONE. This bite size doughnut recipe from PureWow will delight even the tiniest fingers. Using a small cookie cutter, or even a shot glass, these doughnuts are easy to make at home.

TWO. Doughnut macarons made with egg whites and almond flour are wonderfully gluten free. Recipe from The House That Lars Builtdonut macaronsThree. These sprinkle doughnut balloons are a snap to make using store bought balloons. Decadent dessert-inspired Instructions from StudioDIY.com. The perfect accessory for a doughnut themed party!

Four.  Use these delicious printables from tinyme.com to make adorable doughnut gift boxes. Place your favorite flavor inside to tempt anyone with a charming National Doughnut Day surprise.

doughnut day printable

Five. You don't have to be a sewing whiz to make a sweet doughnut pillow from Abeautifulmess.com. Use your favorite felt colors to make the tempting sprinkled topping.

You can find fun links and even an interactive doughnut map on DonutDayUSA.com.

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Sprinkles and Glaze, Lets Celebrate Doughnut Day!