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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Carrier for Outdoor Adventures

Taking a hike or embarking on a nature walk are excellent activities for both parents and kids to enjoy after a long week couped up indoors. Few activities rival being outside and breathing in the fresh air while nourishing your mind, body, and soul. If you have a newborn or toddler, you will want to invest in a quality baby carrier to give you the freedom to be hands-free. Walking is a great way to foster attachment between you and your little one, particularly through skin-to-skin contact!

Five Tips for Choosing the Right Carrier: 

1. Back-Pain: As a new parent, you already know the importance of choosing a well-fitted carrier and making sure that your baby is evenly distributed across your shoulders and back. We recommend the LÍLLÉBABY Complete 6-in-1 All Seasons carrier, as it allows for a wide range of carrying positions so you to find the support that is best for you. This baby carrier features a zip-down front panel with breathable mesh to increase airflow- ideal for the upcoming summer months! It is easy to transition to the cold with windbreaker-like protection. The Complete carrier can be used for children 7 – 45 lbs. Bonus: you'll have a plethora of colors to choose from, ranging from Stone to Moroccan Clay.

2. Plus-size Babywearing: If you're plus-sized, you'll find LÍLLÉBABY carriers particularly appealing as they accommodate all sizes! You’ll want to make sure that extenders are included when purchasing your carrier. Extenders tailor the fit to your body, ensuring you and your baby are completely comfortable. Additionally, you should choose an adjustable carrier to ensure maximum fit as your body changes through all stages of pregnancy and life. It’s the sustainable option!

3. Baby-wearing with Toddlers: Enjoy the benefits of wearing your toddler and enjoy the same luxuries you would if your child was a newborn, like being hands-free! The CarryOn Airflow DLX by LÍLLÉBABY is good for toddlers 25 - 60 lbs. It is taller than a regular baby carrier with a wider seat and padded leg openings to support your growing kiddo. It also has comfortable features to ensure parents can carry heavier loads with no back or shoulder pain. This is the perfect option for parents ready to graduate from their infant baby carrier. 

4. The importance of a Hip-Seat Carrier: Parents love the option of a hip-seat carrier, which makes it easy to take your little one anywhere. A hip-seat baby carrier gives you options that front carriers simply can’t provide.. It's easy on your back, encourages healthy physical development, and provides a great view for your child! Recommendation: The LÍLLÉbaby SeatMe is good for kids 7- 45 lbs with a structured hip-seat featuring a wide pocket for storing your essentials. Use the hip-seat in tandem with the carrier or remove the carrier body and use it as a waist belt for one-handed carrying. Give your little one a front-row seat for every adventure! Extra Benefit: The SeatMe Carrier’s unique design converts from a baby carrier to a toddler hip-seat carrier. This 2-in-1 carrier will grow with your child and your needs.

5. Style: Who says you have to forfeit style when choosing a baby carrier? Find a color that works for you; perhaps a neutral hue that goes with every staple, or a fun accent color to stand out in the crowd. Opt for a print that showcases your personal style and your baby carrier will become an essential part of your outfit!

Babywearing is a safe and convenient way to discover the outdoors with your child in tow. Styles and colors are abundantly available so every parent can find one that works for them and their lifestyle.

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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Carrier for Outdoor Adventures