Top 5 Reasons to Use a Hip Seat Carrier

Babywearing is an amazing way to bond with your little one, provide them comfort, and get them from place to place. However, when it comes to bringing your kiddo out in the world with you, a structured front- or inward-facing baby carrier isn’t the only option available. 

Even avid baby wearers may not realize that there’s yet another choice out there: a hip seat carrier. These unique carriers make it easy to take your little one with you wherever you go, giving you both the ultimate comfort and convenience all day long—and no matter where your adventures may take you.

What is a hip seat baby carrier?

Mother wearing child in LILLEbaby SeatMe Hip Seat carrier

Unlike a traditional front facing carrier, a hip seat baby carrier gives you carrying options front carriers simply can’t provide. 

While many baby hip seat carriers have similar hands free functionality to soft structured carriers and baby wraps, allowing you to hold your child in a front inward or front outward position, a hip seat baby carrier is a versatile piece of baby gear that also allows you to comfortably wear your child on your hip as well or instead.

What models of hip carriers are available?

While you can find traditional baby carriers that allow your little one to face inward or outward at most baby stores, ones that allow front outward hip carry positions are less common. 

Luckily, the LÍLLÉbaby SeatMe All Seasons hip carrier allows you to not only wear your child in inward and outward facing carrying positions, but also on your hip in a seated position.

What are the benefits of a hip carrier?

It’s comfortable for your back: 

A toddler carrier hip seat or baby hip carrier provides you extra comfort, taking the pressure off your back and affording you more carrying positions than something like a Moby wrap or structured carrier. 

Instead of being top heavy like some structured carriers with shoulder straps, a hip carrier is comfortable to wear for hours on end, distributing pressure across your hips and waist—which can typically support more weight comfortably than your upper body can—instead of on your back and shoulders.

It’s a great way to keep your little one close:

Babywearing is an undeniably wonderful way to keep your little one close and secure, but traditional baby carriers aren’t comfortable for everyone. 

Fortunately, with a hip seat baby carrier, you can ensure that your little one stays right next to you from your adventures to beauty personal care days.

It’s healthy for your child or baby’s physical development: 

There’s no denying that babywearing has myriad benefits. 

A 2019 study published in the journal Infant Behavior and Development found that babywearing increased responsiveness between mothers and babies as well as physical interaction.

Additionally, a 2018 study published in the journal Infancy found that babies carried in carriers had more head movements indicative of them surveying their environment and initiated more conversations with their caregivers. 

However, not all carriers are created equal when it comes to your baby’s development—certain carriers don’t have your little one in the proper position, instead causing their legs to dangle, which can cause hip and leg problems and may even impede them as they’re learning to walk.

 Luckily, in a LÍLLÉbaby SeatMe All Seasons hip carrier, your baby will be perfectly positioned—in fact, these carriers are acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute and provide an ergonomic, safe, and comfortable way to carry your kiddo.

It gives your baby or toddler a new perspective: 

Your baby may be used to seeing the world from an inward-facing position in their usual carrier but using a hip carrier gives them a new perspective on the world. 

In their hip carrier, they can see the environment around them well beyond their caregiver, helping them learn about their world—and giving you plenty to talk about with them, too.

It’s a perfect way to carry bigger kids: 

Let’s face it: carrying older kids in a standard carrier isn’t always comfortable or convenient. However, in a hip carrier like the LÍLLÉbaby SeatMe All Seasons hip carrier, you can have your little one sit comfortably on the carrier’s platform seat, keeping pressure off your back and shoulders and allowing you both to move around comfortably.

Bringing your little one with you on your daily adventures is both a pleasure and a privilege, and the right carrier makes it possible. Baby wearing makes it simple to keep your little one close by and enables you to comfortably explore together, whether you’re walking down the block to the park or exploring a new city on vacation. 

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Top Reasons to Use a Hip Seat Carrier