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Why You Should Fall in Love with Babywearing

Love is in the air, and you’re embarking on the biggest love story of your life - raising your little one. Here are three reasons why you should take babywearing out on a first date, get to know it, and, inevitably, fall madly in love as you navigate the highs and lows of learning to parent.

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It's good for baby! There isn't a ton of official research available yet on all of the wide-spread benefits of babywearing, but the studies available have shown that children who are worn tend to have more calm and alert time, the time when brain development kicks into high gear! Babywearing provides a sense of security and closeness for babies who long to be held, and allows them to be part of the action as you go about your day. For newborns, proximity to a parent can help to regulate sleep patterns, body temperature, and even breathing!


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It's good for you! Chest-to-chest contact (specifically skin-to-skin) ramps up the production of oxytocin, a wonder hormone that does everything from aid in milk production to increasing feelings of empathy, well-being, relaxation, generosity, and, well, love! High levels of oxytocin also play an important role in the bonds and attraction of romantic love, which means cuddling with your little one can help foster warm feelings for your partner as well. Snuggles for everyone!!

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It's good for your life! Parenthood can feel like a constant game of catch-up - never underestimate the power and freedom of having two free hands! Babywearing can be the key to getting outside with your family for long walks, grocery shopping with ease and no fussing, finally getting your house cleaned, or simply feeling empowered to grab coffee with a good friend. Our #LILLEletsme is popular for a reason - we are constantly in awe of the convenience and practical freedom babywearing can provide!

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So here's to falling madly in love, with your little one, your partner, yourself as a powerhouse parent, and with the wide-open world at your disposal through the magic of babywearing! Go forth and snuggle.

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Why You Should Fall in Love with Babywearing