With You for the Journey: A LÍLLÉ Love Story


Before we knew you, we carried you

Held you in our hearts, a beginning, a spark

And then, you were here - the most precious gift

And from our first beautiful, fumbling moments, you just wanted us to carry you

So we carried you

And together, we began to show each other new ways of seeing

To build a new way of being in the world

We captured moments

We became a family

Everything here is brighter through your eyes, and as we move through this place together, you teach us to see with a brilliant new joy

You are always, everyday, beginning, and through the laughter and the adventures, we watch you becoming, like a miracle - like light.

We are learning to know you, daily, like the beat of our own hearts

Every day, we begin again

And every day, we carry each other

Before we knew you, we carried you

A beginning

A spark

Huge thanks to:
Whitefield Productions LLC
Jessica Annalee Photography
Our cast of beautiful babies and the kindest couple around
Catherine Stultz
And donuts.


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With You for the Journey: A LÍLLÉ Love Story