Ambassador of the Month

Danielle Beth Nikaj holding her baby in a LILLEbaby carrier
Danielle Beth Nikaj

How long have you been a LÍLLÉbaby brand ambassador?

I became an ambassador in May 2019.

Where are you located?

In the Great Lakes state of Michigan.

How were you introduced to babywearing?

After I had my first daughter, I honestly was browsing Google for baby necessities and a baby carrier popped up. At that moment I never realized what an amazing impact they would have on my life, and what a blessing they would be in the future with two kids.

Can you give our readers a couple tips for babywearing in the cold winter months?

Living in Michigan we get extremely cold and snowy weather. It is important to bundle our littles up so that they are nice and warm. While I wear a winter coat, I like putting my 1-year-old in a sherpa one piece romper and size up so that she is comfy, and her feet and toes have plenty of wiggle room! I loosen the carrier, place her in and adjust until she is nice and snug!

Which LÍLLÉbaby carrier is your favorite go to and why?

Our go to carrier is the Serenity Airflow. I love how super soft the mesh is. My daughter is on the petite side and she is in-between the narrow and wide seat setting. I absolutely love the perfect fit we get with our Serenity middle seat setting. The middle seat also allows you to back carry at 6 months once baby fits and that has been a game changer. Serenity is always in the car when we go for outside adventures, as well as in an easy to grab spot at home that allows me to get household chores done with a baby who doesn't want to leave my side!

Danielle Beth Nikaj holding her baby in a LILLEbaby carrier