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Babywearing for Winter Weather Adventures

Woman in a jacket in the snow, wearing a child on her back in a carrier

Brightly colored leaves. Sparkling icicles. Bright Christmas lights. There are so many new sights for little ones to take in during the fall and winter months!

Follow these tips to stay comfortable and cozy on your outdoor babywearing adventures together. 

Dress your little one warmly: Before heading outside, dress your baby for the weather. Wearing a baby carrier is naturally cozy because of the shared body heat. But, your little one may still need a few extra layers. Leg warmers, a snug hat or beanie, and sweaters are all great options.  

A good rule of thumb is to dress your little one the same way you are dressed. Check on them often, especially if they are on your back and not in your immediate line of sight. If they become flushed and too warm, remove a layer. If they are cold, consider additional bundling up or heading inside. 

Adjust your carrier for puffy clothing: If your child is wearing a thick winter coat, make sure to adjust your straps to allow for this extra bulk and size. When you have removed that layer of clothing, tighten your adjusters to ensure a snug fit again. 

You may also need to adjust the carrier if you are wearing a carrier over your jacket. Similar to baby, the extra bulk may require you to loosen the waist and shoulder straps.  

Use a carrier cover: Carrier covers attach to your carrier to provide an extra layer of warmth. They provide added convenience and ease when bundling up for baby wearing out of doors. 

Unlike a coat, which is worn under your carrier, you can put the cover on and off without having to take off the carrier. They are also a wonderful way to get baby snug and warm without the bulk of bunting. Check out LÍLLÉbaby’s exclusive bundle with 7AM Enfant for a carrier + cover bundle that’s perfect for chilly days. 

Make sure you dry your carrier effectively: If your carrier becomes damp after a walk in the fog or playtime in the snow, make sure to dry it out when you come home. All LÍLLÉbaby carriers are machine washable. Hang or lay flat to dry before your next wearing. 

Be flexible and take breaks: If you or your little one is feeling chilly or uncomfortable, take a break. Be flexible with your plans and open to rescheduling. Pop into a coffee shop for a quick break or head home for an early nap. 

Winter days are made for play! So put on your carrier and head out to explore together. And, don’t forget to have some hot cocoa waiting when you return. 

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Babywearing in Winter Weather