lillebaby complete all seasons baby carrier in etch
mom wearing baby in lillebaby complete all seasons baby carrier in etch
complete 6-in-1 all seasons has contoured shoulder straps, adjustable ergonomic seat, padded head & neck support, zip-down panel for airflow, and wide supportive waist belr
mom wearing baby in lillebaby complete all seasons baby carrier in etch
lillebaby complete all seasons baby carrier in etch with front flap zipped down
close up of lillebaby complete all seasons baby carrier in etch
lumbar support in black

Complete 6-in-1 All Seasons - Etch

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The award-winning Complete™ 6-in-1 Carrier’s ground-breaking convertible seat grows with your child, ensuring they always have the right support. Fold inward for a narrow seat that is newborn ready. As your child grows, expand the seat to ensure their hips and legs are comfortably and ergonomically supported well into the toddler years. Offered in the All Seasons, our most popular-selling style. This baby carrier features a zip-down front panel, revealing breathable mesh to increase airflow on warm days. Zip up for windbreaker like protection when it’s chilly. The Complete carrier can be used with children from 7 – 45lbs.

Every LÍLLÉbaby baby carrier is constructed with Comfort Carry Design to ensure even weight distribution, back support, and a customizable fit for all body types.
• Dense, plush padding on shoulders and waist belt
• Wide waist belt shifts weight to the wearer’s hips and off their back and shoulders
• Contoured shoulder straps that smartly distribute load
• Structured lumbar support prevents lower back strain
• 2-way adjustable straps make it easy to customize fit
• Back straps can be worn straight, or crossed for extra support
• Reveal mesh panel for extra airflow, zip up for windbreaker like protection

The Complete carrier is ergonomically designed to support your child’s natural sitting position, promoting healthy hip and spine development. It is rated hip-healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.
• Carrier mimics that natural clinging position for infants, also called the M-position
• Adjustable seat allows parent to widen fit as child grows
• Fold padded head support up to give extra support to young infants, and down when your little one has strong neck control
• Zip-down front panel reveals mesh for extra airflow on warm or humid days.
• Removable sun hood protects child’s face with extra shade

• Fetal Carry: This position for newborns mimicking their position in the womb and may be extra soothing and comforting in their early days. Set your carrier to a wide seat and use an infant pillow (sold separately) to properly position newborn within the carrier.
• Inward Facing Carry (Narrow Seat/Babies): Appropriate from newborns through their first year. Set your carrier to a narrow position to support your little one from knee-to-knee.
• Inward Facing Carry (Wide Seat/Toddlers): If your child is wearing 18-month to 24-month-old clothing it may be time to change your seat size. Widen the carrier seat to ensure their legs are fully supported in a seated position and not dangling.
• Front-Facing Carry: Set your carrier to the narrow seat, fold down the head support, and turn your baby around to give them a view of the world. Baby should be at least 6 months old and demonstrate strong, consistent head support.
• Hip Carry: Similar to a ring sling, this position allows baby to see the world while still feeling cuddled by their parent. Babies supported in a hip carry should be at least 6 months old and demonstrate strong, consistent head support.
• Back Carry: It’s the ultimate piggy-back ride and a favorite position for toddlers. If your child falls asleep in back carry, please switch them to a front carry position so you can ensure they have adequate head and neck support.

The Complete Carrier’s waistband extends to 52 inches (a woman’s size 22/24). Waistband extenders are available to purchase separately that will extend the band by 9.5 inches. Appropriate for children from 7 – 45lbs

Care Instructions:
This carrier is made from a hypo-allergenic cotton-poly performance blend. It is machine washable on a cold cycle with a gentle detergent. Hang to dry.

Waist Strap 24"-48"
Front Panel 15.5"

The Complete All Seasons is the perfect versatile carrier solution, and my recommendation for wearers who experience both hot and cold climates. The zip down temperature panel feature comfortably takes baby from hot summer days at the park to warm and snug on the chilly winter days.

We’re here to support you at every step of your babywearing journey.

• Schedule free 1-on-1 fit checks with our certified babywearing educators
• Join our online LÍLLÉLove community for help and tips
• Enjoy free returns within 30 days of purchase
• Get complete coverage for hardware and/or fabric defects for two years

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Complete 6-in-1 All Seasons - Etch

6 Ways to Wear

Grows from Newborn to Toddler

Fetal Carry

Wide Seat (Infants)

Newborn through 2 months of age, (approximately 7-12lbs) infants may be worn in the fetal carry position, also called froggy position. This newborn position mimicks their fetal posture in the womb and may be extra soothing and comforting in their early days. Adjust your carrier to the wide seat setting and position an infant pillow to prop baby up to the appropriate height. Baby's head should clear the top of the carrier panel and rest near the collar bone of the wearer's body. In this position, an infants legs stay within in the edges of the carrier panel.

Inward Facing Carry

Inward Facing Carry

Designed to carry newborns and small infants in an ergonomically correct position, supporting early hip and spine development. Infants legs hang outside the carrier. This position does not require an infant pillow or insert.

Inward Facing Carry

Wide Seat (Toddlers)

Designed to provide ergonomic support for growing infants or toddlers whose legs are no longer supported (knee-to-knee) by the carrier in the narrow seat position. Baby is ready to move up to the wide seat when he or she can sit comfortably in the seat with the fabric extending to, but not beyond, the knees (approx. 18 months clothing size). Baby's knees should be able to swing freely, without any bunching of fabric behind knees. Readiness for wide seat is determined by femur length, and not weight or age. Do not carry small infants and newborns in the wide seat position - use inward narrow seat position or wide seat fetal position.

Front-Facing Carry

Narrow Seat

An ideal carrying position to give curious little ones a front row seat to the world. Because there is no support for baby’s head and torso while outward facing, do not face outward until baby is 6+ months of age and has excellent head control. Only use the narrow seat position when outward facing. If baby falls asleep in this position, immediately reposition to the appropriate inward facing position to provide head and neck support.

Hip Carry

Wide Seat

An alternative carrying position for growing toddlers who want to see the world without blocking their parents’ view. Babies supported in a hip carry should be at least 6 months old and demonstrate strong, consistent head support. Hip position can only be used with the wide seat setting.

Back Carry

Wide Seat

As older infants and toddlers grow heavier and taller, this carrying position offers a shift in weight distribution on the wearers body for increased comfort during extended babywearing. Once babies can fit the Complete Carrier's wide seat setting (approx. 18 months clothing size) back carrying becomes an attractive option for caregivers and extends the joy of babywearing for many months.

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Complete 6-in-1 all seasons baby carrier, maximum comfort and support, newborn through toddler, widen seat as baby grows

6 Ways to Wear

Grows from Newborn to Toddler

Small to Tall

Adjustable straps to fit parents and caregivers of all sizes

All Body Types

Waist extends to 52 inches (women's size 22/24) with extenders sold separately for up to 61.5 inches waist

2 Ways to Wear

Pick your shoulder strap position – straight or crossed.

LILLEbaby complete carriers have adjustable seats, supporting babies from knee-to-knee and avoiding stress on developing hips
features head + neck support, removable sun hood, temperature control panel, adjustable seat, plush padded shoulder straps, lumbar support, straps straight or crossed

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